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December 3rd, 2006

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10:39 pm - PHPBB Style Request
Is there someone here, or anyone you know that is decent with graphics?

I'm putting together a new forum. I'm modding the heck out of phpbb trying to make some uber-badass forum software. But I need a good theme/style for the forum. I really like Charcoal3Steel, and that is what I most often use.

However, I'd like to have something a bit more customized and unique. I can slap on a cheesy logo with Photoshop, but perhaps someone with a little more skill can help me out.

Honestly, I'm looking for something more along the lines of this.

Charcoal3Steel is nice, but it is a bit monochromatic. The above linked style has better contrast, and better depth. The page doesn't look as flat.

If you can help me out, I'll be extremely grateful!

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Date:December 6th, 2006 08:09 pm (UTC)
There are some really incredible professional themes at:


I really like the following:


I know there are tons of talented artists out there. And I know that phpbb can look really sharp, as the above themes demonstrate. What I don't understand is why most themes aren't that sharp looking, despite the fact that phpbb is incredibly popular and has been around for years.

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