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July 28th, 2009

10:02 am - PhpBB [BETA] Facebook Connect

PhpBB [BETA] Facebook Connect

If you use phpbb you need to check it out here.
Tried it out on their test forum and it worked a treat. The beta is availible for download but should not be used on live sites (should be finished in a couple of days).

  • Create new user upon first login (and transfer data like location, website, birthday, interests, avatar, signature, facebook's proxy mail address..)
  • Link an existing user to the Facebook account upon first login (with data transfer for all fields which the user hasn't filled out yet)
  • Automatically add (mutual) friends upon first login, if any of your facebook friends have also an user account on your forum.
  • Automatically detect the user's Facebook language, and use it if it is installed on your forum!
  • Allow forum notifications via Facebook PM (since an e-mail address can not be fetched via Facebook for privacy reasons)

Although not supported it should take many tweeks to get it to work with the Social Networking Buttons Mod .

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July 23rd, 2008

11:45 am - Rabbitoshi Hack? & Free Skins
Neskaya.Net has a few cute and free phpBB3 skin themes if anyone is interested.

Anyway, I wanted to ask - is there a version of Rabbitoshi (or some other pet hack) that works in phpBB3? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :)

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February 27th, 2007

11:42 am - newbie help needed

I'm in the middle of attempting to install a phpbb2 forum to my website www.lollymj.com. I've gotten as far as needing to install the forum. I get stuck when making the database. I am totally confused when making the database because it's not as simple as creating a new database and telling the phpbb2 install the name, is it?

Can a newbie get a little help? phpMyAdmin is what I'm using to create the databse.

Thanks SO much.

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December 3rd, 2006

10:39 pm - PHPBB Style Request
Is there someone here, or anyone you know that is decent with graphics?

I'm putting together a new forum. I'm modding the heck out of phpbb trying to make some uber-badass forum software. But I need a good theme/style for the forum. I really like Charcoal3Steel, and that is what I most often use.

However, I'd like to have something a bit more customized and unique. I can slap on a cheesy logo with Photoshop, but perhaps someone with a little more skill can help me out.

Honestly, I'm looking for something more along the lines of this.

Charcoal3Steel is nice, but it is a bit monochromatic. The above linked style has better contrast, and better depth. The page doesn't look as flat.

If you can help me out, I'll be extremely grateful!

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November 27th, 2006

02:17 pm - A simplest and effective way to stop spam :)
No captcha, no complex verification, etc. Just enable "multipart/form-data" enctype in posting form and do a check for this content type in your posting handler.

[code removed because it really works] :)

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September 6th, 2006

08:50 am
Ok. I'm not sure if this is allowed here, but I think i've tried everything and I just can not do it. I'm not so great with phpbb, but I seriously, deeply need help, or i'll even PAY someone to do it for me, --- I just need the attachments mod installed. And It's sooooo complicated (in my eyes) even though I read everywhere it's a great mod and everything. I need it for users to submit files ,and then have the ability to view them using the mod "ezDownloads".


Again if this isn't allowed, please, just let me know and i'll delete.
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June 28th, 2006

08:54 am

If anyone is interested in checking out the new PhpBB3 beta without actually installing it themselves, I've got it on my server here. Feel free to join and check out all the cool new features. :3

(I cannot WAIT for stable releases to come out of this version of phpBB! *fangirl squee*)

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May 31st, 2006

01:42 pm - a php archive? I need your help/input/advise

I've created a site hoping to archive php coded forums from the world wide web. This way an internet surfer can login and search categorized listings of forums so they can easily find what they're looking for.

Since there are thousands of php coded forums of all different content, I'd like to set up categories and list them under it.

unfortunately I know very little php. I know how to implement MODS into my forums and that's just about it.

Here's the site I'm working on. http://phpforumarchive.com/

Any suggestions or anyone willing to help? I am sure this will be a decent site when completed and people (internet surfers) will probably use it frequently. Forum owners will like it because of the free advertising they get for their site.

I know html, some javascript, no php beyond pre written MODS that show you how to instal them. MySQL? Forget it.

Tell me I'm in over my head.

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May 10th, 2006

10:12 pm - Could someone please help if you can.
On the forum that I am on, which is on Phpbb(duh) has been hacked into. My friend hosts it, and all of our friends visit this site, we communicate on it. Now, I can go into it...and I am the only one, that has the cookies of it still, or whatever that I can still login. So I logged in, and I tryed downloading newer versions.(that was the reason it was hacked, my friend the person who runs it...hadn't upgraded to a better one) So...I noticed I downloaded one that isn't even that new, like 2.0.09 or something. Can someone please help me, and tell me what I need to do, to get our forum back? I have the password, for the administative person, so I can fix it...it's just I don't know what to do. If needed to, I could give the password and you could see if you could log in and do something to help. We have been own3d I guess...and hackers piss me off, there was no reason for it. So, If you can help message back or email me at Randomishness4u@hotmail.com. Thanks...best Regards.
P.S. I want to make sure this doesn't happen again, whatever I can do.

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